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Kayaz Naturals / Herbal Hair Pack (10)

Herbal Hair Pack (10)


Herbal Hair Pack

For Silky, Shiny, Long Strong Hair



In this demanding world, it is a tough task to maintain hair health, which comes at the cost of loss of confidence because of hair problems that come with today’s lifestyle. Kayaz herbal hair pack is a natural herbal blend that is enriched with more than 10 most precious herbs selected from nature.
Kayaz Herbal hair pack keeps hair healthy from roots, reduces hair fall, cleanse and nourishes both hair and scalp, promotes hair growth, Delays greying of hair, Prevents frizzy hair, etc. It does so because of the natural tendencies of ingredients available in it. This Herbal Hair Pack is made with a unique formulation of natural herbs & it contains no chemical. By applying this hair pack your hair can get proper nutrition and shine.

Ingredients:- Amla, Shikkakai, Aritha, Jatamansi, Neem, Curry Leaves, Bhringraj, Aloe vera, Brahmi, Methi, Gudhal, Fuller’s Earth, Etc.

Benefits:- Power Of Natural Herbs


1.Serves as a natural hair conditioner
2.Improves pigmentation
3.Thickening of hair
4.Prevents frizzy hairs


1.Controls Hair Fall
2.Delays greying of hair
3.Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial Properties
4.Soothes an itchy scalp


1.Helps in controlling lice
2.Helps to get rid of scalp irritation
3.Helps to stop premature hair greying
4.Reduce split ends


1.Darkens Hair
2.Reverse Hair Greying
3.Promotes Hair Growth
4.Prevent Split Ends


1.Treats Scalp Infections
2.Makes hair lustrous
3.Promote relaxation and sleep
4.Treat headaches


1.Deep cleans oily hair
2.Calms an itchy scalp
3.Strengthens and repairs hair strands
4.Help reduce inflammation


1.It reduces dryness
2.Its anti-oxidant property rejuvenates the scalp
3.It creates a natural protective layer around hair follicles to keep the hair fiber
healthy and maintain lustrous mane.
4.It helps in giving the necessary nourishment to the scalp improving the hair


1.Fights dandruff
2.Reduces hair fall
3.Premature hair greying
4.Makes hair shiny and silky


1.Deep conditions hair
2.Prevents hair breakage
3.Prevents itchiness in the scalp
4.Strengthes hair roots


1.Absorbs all impurities without causing any side effects
2.Removes excessive oil and dirt from the hair
3.Maintains Scalp Health
4.Improves Blood Circulation


1. Clears the clogged pores and enhances hair growth.
2. Prevents premature graying
3. Hydrates dry ends
4. Repairs hair from environmental damage


1. Moisturizes the scalp and also remove dead hair follicles.
2. Speeds up hair growth
3. Improves blood circulation in the scalp
4. Helps fight dandruff and scalp infections.



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How To Use

1.Mix The Sufficient Hair Pack Powder with Water And Make A Paste
( For dry hair, add a teaspoon of curd as well as a teaspoon of coconut oil in the
pack and for oily hair add either rose water or luck warm water)
2.Leave The Paste For 15-30 Minutes
3. Apply The Paste On Scalp And Hair
4. Leave The Paste For 30-45 Minutes
5. Wash It Under Running Water